Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cheung Chau Bun Festival, Hong Kong

長洲太平清醮 - 農曆四月初八

Dated: 2nd, May 2009
Location: Cheung Chau, Hong Kong
Photography: jtyc
Official Website here

The weeklong festival climaxes with a large, carnival-like street procession featuring costumed children on stilts held aloft above the crowd, lion dances and other colourful participants. The parade winds its way through the narrow streets to the grounds near the Pak Tai Temple, which are dominated by enormous bamboo towers studded with sweet white buns, and where the main festivities take place. At midnight, athletes scramble up one of the towers in a contest to grab the top-most 'luckiest' ones.



  1. 我很喜歡照片切割呈現出來的一種獨特的感覺

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